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Are you looking for a design book stand made of wood, copper or marble? Then Qoppel is the right place for you. We have different book stands in different colors.

Our book stand is not only beautiful to look at. It is a classic item that fits into any interior. This way you present your most beautiful books in the most elegant way. The bookend is designed so that a passer-by is drawn directly to the book. It invites you to read or to be inspired.

Book stand black

Are you looking for a black book stand? A book stand in black is timeless. We have different book stands of different materials in black. Take a look at our book stand Oak Black, Manhatten Black or Nero, for example.

About the book stand and Qoppel

Qoppel is a Dutch design brand originated from a passion for design and natural materials.

It is our mission to design modern and functional interior accessories that you can enjoy for a long time. We do this together with a team of experienced designers and craftsmen.

Craft and craftsmanship is what we stand for and that is reflected in our products. We manufacture everything with attention to detail. By using natural materials and working according to our values, we are able to create unique products that last a lifetime.