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Do you like a wonderful scent in your home? Then you are probably already familiar with the fragrance cubes (amber cubes) from Morocco. The delicious and affordable variant of a home perfume, which you can enjoy for a long time. They are not only functional and affordable, the colorful scent cubes also look very nice in your home. The sweet, but spicy scent of the amber fragrance cubes are a must for your home. There are many different scents of the amber cubes, such as Jasmine, Black musk, Original Amber, Sandal wood and many more. So plenty of choice, so you can use a different scent in every room. Or switch scents once in a while.

In addition to being able to place the amber cubes in a nice bowl in your home, it has even more options for spreading the scent. For example, you can put the shavings in your vacuum cleaner bag or in an electric fragrance burner. The amber cubes are also suitable for hanging or placing in your wardrobe. Please note: the wax can stain your clothing, so make sure that the amber scent cubes are on a dish or hanging in a bag so that it does not touch your clothing. View our webshop for various scents of amber cubes and amber cube dishes.

Fragrance amber cubes
When the scent decreases, you can scrape off some of the amber scent cubes, then you will notice that the scent intensifies again. There is no expiration date on the amber cubes, but it varies per scent how long the scent lasts, because one is a bit stronger than the other. In addition, it also depends on the size of the room where the amber cubes are located. In smaller closed spaces the scent will linger for a long time and in large open spaces you will notice that you have to grate the amber cubes more often.

To enjoy your amber cubes for as long as possible, we advise you to store them in a cool and draught-free place. Make sure that the amber cubes are not placed in areas that are too hot, such as in the car in the summer. Then the amber block will be able to melt.

Size of the amber cubes:
The fragrance cubes are handmade, so the size can sometimes differ slightly from each other. The average size per amber block is: 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm and weighs around 25 grams.

What are amber cubes made of? They consist of a combination of natural and artificial ingredients such as: Ecological beeswax, Musk Ambrette, Musk Xylol, Rose Powder, Essential Oil, Vanaline, Perfume base.