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Jep - Imperfect
Jep Imperfect
Jep - Imperfect
Jep - Imperfect


Bookstand Jep - Imperfect

  • SIZE: 25 x 20 x 12,8
  • MATERIAL: Travertin
  • WEIGHT: 11kg
  • WARRANTY: 2 years
The Jep is inspired by Italian architecture and Roman times. It stands for luxury and serenity. Follow the waves in the travertine and let yourself be taken on a journey through ancient Rome. The different colour shades and sharp contours make the travertine bookstand a unique piece.   For thousands of years, travertine has been a commonly used stone in Italian architecture.   Due to its light colour, the Jep can be combined in various settings. By purchasing the Jep, you are investing in an accessory that will last a lifetime. Weighing 10 kilos, the Jep is solid and sturdy. Just what you need to keep your book in place. For the perfect fit, we recommend using books with an average size of: 34 x 26 x 4 cm.